Monday, June 15, 2015

Chronicles of Cindy the Dubu (Tofu)

Hi there, lemme introduce myself again. I'm Cindy, from Toronto Canada. This June 24th, I'm turning 20 and not excited to do so. And I'm soft as marshmallow.

I have this condition that I like to call (I made it up) Everlasting Baby Fat Syndrome-- it's very serious. The symptoms include:

  • marshmallow consistency on every part of my body
  • lack of/non existent muscles 
  • inability to gain substantial muscle
  • a little jiggle of the entire body when I walk
I repeat: it's all very serious.

I didn't notice that I had this condition until grade 6 when my friend felt my arm and suddenly, as if possessed, screamed "Eureka!" (I made this part up too) From then on, to today, my nickname became "Squishy".

Comparisons of the symptoms caused by this condition (extreme softness) have been drawn to the consistency of a boob, water, and most recently, tofu. If I shorten the comparisons then I become the sentient tofu boob made of water.

Previously, in my early days being Squishy, I denied my identity and rejected the idea of being soft. I was insecure and unsettled by the idea of being soft forever. I was afraid of being fat and unfit although I was often reassured that I'm made of water and not that other substance. However, as I grew and matured into an adult, I've realized that this squishy-ness is a blessing and not a curse.

Here are a couple reasons why: 

Most importantly however, 
I provide and endless source of entertainment for other people. As you can see, I'm very amused: 

That girl in the yellow is Yushi. 

I honestly think I'll miss the squish when I get my rock hard muscles (from Ebay) after a summer of working out :')

♚ Cindy

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