Monday, June 22, 2015

Why I like Cindy

In lieu of Cindy's birthday coming up on the 24th (go wish her a happy birthday please), I really wanted to talk about why we're friends, or why I like hanging out with Cindy in general.

Cindy is…

Exactly like me. Except shorter. She's also a dog person (while I like cats). A lot more chill. An emotional rock, can't even say the word "feelings". Yes…we are the same person, except I cry like ten times more than her.

It's difficult to explain when you find someone that understands you and gets you without you over explaining, and without them judging you, you feel like you're at home, there's a little crook in their heart specifically for you.

She is the opposite of a negative Nancy. She's like a positive…Polly. Or something. She always cracks funny jokes, and her snaps give me life. She has that weird funny dance or jiggle with weird circular arm movements, but I have grown to love that too.

But most of all, I think people will like Cindy because she's cool. She's very real and she is able to hold a conversation in about anything. And what I look for in a friend the most is one that keeps on open mind, that is open to new things and not thinking things are too "weird" to try or to like. (Since hey, everything is cool, as long as you're genuine, you're cool.)

I would totally go for Cindy if I was gay, alas, sadly, I am not. I will settle for being her best friend and sharing her with her stupid boyfriend.

Cindy's my partner in crime. She's the other 1/2 of this blog. I have become a lot happier since meeting her, and now I want to really live, as opposed to…not living. And really, she's my fave girly in the world.

♚ Yushi