Saturday, March 26, 2016

Poland, a Country of Romance, History, and Cruelty

I'm blaming exams for the extremely late edit of my video - originally filmed three weeks ago.

While travelling I find that I'm never able to take photos quite as pretty as the ones on post cards, and that even the scenery I see before me when I take the photo, it feels like the feeling of the time doesn't quite transfer onto the photo. I guess it's my extremely amateur photo taking self.

In these three weeks, I went to Munich and to Neuschwanstein Castle. The snow was glorious. It was damn cold too, and my camera got wet. :( I think while sightseeing it's always nice to see sights when it's sunny or snowing. Never when it's raining. If the snow wasn't so heavy seeing the castle would have been much more romantic.

My next big trip was to Poland and even to today, I remember how eerie the complete feeling of Auschwitz was. There was a man crying while walking through the camp, and just overall it was such a high tension and complex place to visit.

It's hard to imagine that only one hour away from Auschwitz, the square of Krakow was lively with people. The streets were so romantic and so characteristically European. The city really felt alive. I loved it, and would definitely want to stay a day longer.

I'm going to Italy in a bit. So look forward to videos from that! 

♚ Yushi

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