Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Big 2.0

20 is just a number, except when you're me and 20 is no longer just a number but an abstract concept that scares me and that I don't want to approach. However there is no running away from 20, and it's right there waiting for you with open arms (that have deadly spikes on it) ready to hug you, just like how 30 is waiting and how 40 is waiting too. If I could, I would run away from 30 and 40, and run back to when naptime was allotted so that I don't have to feel so guilty that I wasted 4 hours on sleep (yes, I nap for 4 hours).

And because I'm Yushi, I like to make lists, so here is a list of things I hope my 20s will be, or not, since you know, for some reason I never am able to completely follow through on my lists (see example: my summer 2015 things to do list).

▽ freedom, lots of freedom, lots of exploring other cities, and lots of living not in one place
 friends, not lots of friends, but enough so that I don't feel lonely and wallow in my sadness
▽ family, to be with my brother a lot, to go on lots of family trips
▽ love, lots of love, or maybe not lots of love...
▽ lots of creativity, especially with this space right here, to do more of what I'm doing with this space right now and to explore other possible formats (look into photography!)
▽ happiness, lots of exploring of what this stupid word means, and if I'm able to fully achieve it, and if when I have achieved it, what next?

This list can basically be summed up as "lots of" everything. I have these years to just do absolutely anything, so why shouldn't I? Who can stop me? Certainly not you, or me.

We are only bound by limits that we have placed upon ourselves. When we have realized that really there is no boundaries, wouldn't that mean that we are truly limitless? That means from now on, we can only go up.

Cheers, and happy birthday to all my fellow Leos, Virgos, and August babies.

♚ Yushi

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